The Coolest Cat Gear This Summer

Inspire creativity and natural instinct, while promoting overall wellness for your cat this summer! Here are PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers’ top picks to keep your cat feeling like royalty: 


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsA Sturdy Cat Hammock

Cat Hammocks provide a sense of security, as well as comfort. Most cats prefer to be elevated on a “look out” post of their domain. Some hammocks attach to a window, while others can attach to various pieces of furniture in your household, or stand independently. Browse through different brands here:



Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

Outdoor Cat Tents

Looking for a way to let your cat enjoy the sunshine with you wherever you may go? An outdoor cat tent allows for outside play in a portable, yet safe environment. They vary in size and shape, and often include tunnels for the ultimate kitty playground.

Read reviews and browse through different brands of outdoor cat tents here:


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs


Cat Water Fountain

Keep your cat hydrated this summer by placing one or more “kitty” water fountains around your home. These fountains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to cater to your cat’s needs. Research shows that cats desire moving water, and that having a cat fountain in your home can improve their overall health.

Read more about the benefits of cat water fountains here:



Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWall Mounted Cat Shelves

Looking to create a kitty playground and inspire their natural instinct…without sacrificing space? Look no further! We love that these shelves are specifically engineered to keep your cat entertained, and feeling like the king (or queen) of the roost.

Read more about why wall mounted cat shelving is causing a stir:


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsCat Patios or “Catios”

Does your cat enjoy soaking up the sunshine? Many cats enjoy romping outside, especially those who were raised feral prior to becoming accustomed to the indoors. A cat patio allows your feline friend to explore the great outdoors, while still keeping them secure and protected. Your cat will agree, cat patios are just a PURR-fect idea!


Read more about Cat Patios here:


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