Best Dog Groomers Colorado Springs

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Looking for a calm, relaxing environment for your pup’s next spa day? Call Chrissy, with Best Dog Groomers Colorado Springs. Many of our PlayTime Friends and Family have been going to Chrissy for years, and we believe her grooming services are second to none!

So what sets her apart? There are so many groomers in Colorado Springs!

Well, Best Dog Groomers Colorado Springs is a small, locally owned business that offers individualized and cage-free grooming sessions, with an emphasis on comfort and professionalism. Whether you have one dog or five, your furry fur babies will have individualized attention and a calm grooming environment.

Every experience with Chrissy, the owner of Best Dog Groomers Colorado Springs, is tailored to your pet’s comfort level. Chrissy has been providing professional, cage-free, and tailored dog grooming services that pet owners can count on for over 20 years. She gets to know your pet, their personality, and their preferences. Leave the stress of a large, loud environment behind and treat your pet to a spa-like, serene environment.

Each grooming session includes at least two baths with high-quality shampoos and conditioners, nail care, and a haircut. Through constant continuing education, Chrissy is always learning about new care techniques and prides herself on improving her skill set so she can be the best Dog Groomer in Colorado Springs. 

Give Chrissy a call at 719-930-0233, and tell her PlayTime sent you! 🙂