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Bell the Wonder Pug

Here to Save the Day!

Not all superheroes wear capes- some wear collars and the latest pug fashions! Bell the Wonder Pug is an adorable, raven haired pug, that always seems to bring joy everywhere she goes. Bell rescued her human, Susan, many years ago- and they have since become the best of friends. Bell accompanies Susan on many of her important missions (and is usually rewarded with an ice cream cone through the drive thru!). On days where her pug powers aren’t direly needed, Bell catches up on her blog, while enjoying pug rubs on Susan’s lap.

Bell enjoys visiting all the pet friendly establishments in Colorado Springs, and highlighting each of their unique qualities. She may enjoy a few snacks at the PubDog, or go on an adventure at Bear Creek Dog Park. It’s a tough job- but someone has to do it! When she isn’t out in the field, she enjoys finding interesting articles that will help all of her four legged friends live their best life!