Join Our Team- Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Jobs Colorado Springs

The Basics Are Easy

Arrive: Show up on time.
Focus: Follow the client’s instructions to the letter.
Stay: See out the full length of your visit.
Scribble: Leave a detailed note of your visit.
Send: Text cute photos to the client.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

What You Need

Adaptability: Our schedules are flexible and sometimes irregular with last-minute requests and cancellations. Some days will be busier than others.
Meticulousness: Being a responsible pet sitter and dog walker requires paying close attention to detail. There are a lot of instructions to follow with no room for error.
Strong stomach: We clean up everything that comes out. If you have an aversion to dealing with waste/vomit, this isn’t the job for you.
Fitness: Our furry friends need a lot of exercise. As pet sitters and dog walkers, we walk up and down lots of hills in all kinds of weather.
Patience: Many pets we sit for have special needs that can range from emotional issues to needing pills, injections, or fluids.

Minimum Requirements

Experience: Working with animals, either professionally or as a rescue volunteer.
Maturity: You must be 25+ years old.
Equipment: Vehicle, computer (internet), printer, smart phone.


All days and shifts are available. Your ability to work nights, evenings, and provide overnight stays is a plus.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

Still Sound Good?

Great! Send us answers to the following questions:

  • 1. Why do you think you would be the perfect pet sitter/dog walker?
  • 2. Describe a time when you had to deal with a particularly difficult client or pet. What did you do?
  • 3. When you arrive at the client’s house, you discover the dog has had diarrhea and it’s all over the carpet/floor. Describe your process for managing the situation.
  • Full professional resume and 2 References
  • Address or nearest major cross-streets
  • Your availability

Email the above information to