Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

I can’t begin to thank you enough, Susan, who is the owner of Play Time Pet Sitters and her caring sitters (Kika, Kerry, Debra, and Linda—–BEST SITTERS IN THE WORLD INCLUDING SUSAN) for taking care of my dog Chloe for the last seven months. It has been a great pleasure to work with you all, and I appreciate everything you guys did for Chloe. Play Time Pet Sitters started taking care of Chloe when she was only 8 weeks old, and now she is 8 months old. Chloe began to walk down the stairs when she was probably 9 to 10 weeks because of her fabulous and lovely sitters. I love Play Time Pet Sitters, they are the best, as they will take care of your dog like their own with such consistently excellent service. When I left the house every morning, I was never worried or concerned because I knew Chloe was going to have a unique day walking her favorite trail. They were very informative with Chloe’s daily care, and I loved the notes they left every visit with Chloe…I was looking forward to those notes every day. Chloe was my first dog ever, and they were so kind with their directions and guidance by showing me the proper ways to take care of Chloe. Excellent company, lovely sitters, and ABSOLUTELY the best pet care in the world. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Play Time Pet Sitters. I want to thank you all for taking outstanding care of Chloe. I hope each one of you all received Chloe’s Thank you card! She misses you all…..!!! Once again Thank you Play Time Pet Sitters. I will be sending a pic of Chloe when we leave Saturday….!!!

-Walkiria G

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

My husband and I travel frequently and decided it was time to look into hiring a professional dog sitting company instead of exhausting our friends and family. We were worried at first not knowing what to expect with the process, but Susan and her crew put us at ease immediately. Not only did they spend time with us at our house getting to know our dogs, Susan left a piece of fabric that smelled of her to get the dogs adjusted to her smell. Our dogs are spoiled rotten to say the least and we know they will always get the same love from the folks at Playtime as they get with us. We have been traveling for the past year and a half with no worries about how our dogs are doing at home. They send pictures and updates for each visit and give so much love to our pets. On top of that the scheduling process is online and super easy.

On our way home from a recent trip to see family we were involved in a car accident. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to make it home that night I called Christine. Without a second thought she told us that she would stay the night at our house and take care of the dogs until we were able to safely make it home. I can’t put into words the relief knowing our dogs were safe and taken care of when we weren’t able to get home. Thank you Christine, you are truly an amazing human with a heart of gold.

If you love animals as much as we do, you will love PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers!

-Carly H

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

I’m another one of those people who has struggled with leaving my two kitties when I go away. But, I am so glad I found Playtime Pet Sitters! Susan takes the responsibility of pet sitting seriously, as evidenced by the care and time she puts into getting the “family” acquainted with the pet sitters. I first used them while I was away for a week, out of the country. When it became immediately apparent that I was having trouble receiving their updates, Susan went above and beyond to make sure I was receiving those updates. I have since used them for a weekend get-away, and the online scheduling and payment system is great. My kitties took to Lacey, Dana and Susan immediately, and I so appreciate the loving care they have provided for my babies. The photos and notes they send from each visit are precious and most appreciated. Definitely, five stars!

-Carolyn O

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

We’ve used Playtime Pet Sitters to check in our cat for several trips now, and have been very pleased with them each time! I like that they have many different options for frequency/length of visit, so I can always adjust to make it budget friendly yet still feel like someone will be checking in on her enough for the amount of time we’ll be gone. I love getting picture updates from each check in as well! But most of all, I think what shows that they really care for your pet is that they ask you to let them know when you arrive home so that they know your pet is being cared for in the event of an emergency/travel delays and issues. That’s a little extra step that I would never have thought a pet sitter would ask for, but to me, that speaks volumes to the level of care they provide to your pets and is one of the many reasons why we’ll continue to use PlayTime!

-Georgia S

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

BEST. HANDS DOWN. I rely on Susan and her team. I worked so much for about a year and they visited the fur babies regularly. They also provided super loving care on short notice both for visits and over nights. I can’t say enough. My dogs are considered “red breeds” and my rescue has horrible anxiety and needs special care. Playtime had no problem taking us on and proved they love all breeds, including my little nervous nightmare. The dogs miss them now that I use their services less. I’m pretty convinced my dogs might love them as much as me…. maybe more. It’s so good to have someone I can trust with my family and home. They send pics during visits. These are pics of my babies that playtime took.

-Jamie H

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

These ladies are the BEST pet sitters I’ve had in the nearly 14 years of my kitty’s life  From very first pre-visit, they have been professional, prompt, and totally in love with my fur baby, Fuzzy Mama. Whenever I get back from being away, my kitty is so relaxed that you would have never known I was away. They give her the regular food and water along with all her “treats” that she loves to make noise about  Litter is always scooped, food and water always replenished, packages brought in, and house exactly how it was left. Not to mention, I get AWESOME pictures texted to me of my fuzz bucket of love every time they visit; which eases my heart and lets me know my princess kitty is doing just fine. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

-Taara H

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

I cannot say enough good things about PlayTime Pet Sitters! During our last trip away there were two back to back storms. Two of our beloved pups require daily medication. PlayTime did not miss a beat! They showed up as scheduled and ensured our pups received excellent care. The pups were also scheduled for a daily walk and out of 6 days, they only had to adjust one walk, when it was snowing the worst. For a walk alternative, they played inside, gave lots of belly rubs, and helped our pups not be. If you need a Pet Sitter, look no further than PlayTime Pet Sitters. (Oh – and we love that at every visit they text us with pictures and a status update.)

-Lacey D

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“Exceptional….Susan not only stops by to check on the kids, she spends time loving and playing with them.  She has even been known to play hide and seek with Gizmo and all  his many babies!  She follows all my crazy requests, and I have plenty of them.  Playtime is very reliable and responsible, and always makes time for those last minute visits.  I interviewed many pet sitters, and knew Susan was the one the first time I met her.  She bonded to the kids immediately, and even though Gizmo would never show his emotions……he absolutely loves her.”

Gizmo & MacKenzie

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

I have been using PlayTime Pet Sitters for well over a decade. They have taken amazing care of all of my Boston Terriers when I have had to leave them. Susan and all the PlayTime sitters are wonderful with my dogs and nearly always go above and beyond their duties. I am very happy to have them walking my Princess every weekday, they love her and she loves the attention, and I never have to worry if I need to travel out of town. I can highly recommend PlayTime Pet Sitters to anyone in Colorado Springs!

-Mary Beth P

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

Well, what can I say about Play Time Petsitters in one word? Fantastic! What impressed us the most (besides their love for animals) was the daily check-in, letting us know exactly how things were going. We have used them several times over the years and would not trust anyone else (besides family & close friends) with our “babies” and our house. When we are away, we can be assured that they are loved and well taken care of, which makes for a relaxing vacation!

-Julie R

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our babies! It is such a comfort to know that they are being well loved while we are away! We know you are spoiling them and [we] don’t worry for a minute! You guys are amazing!

Corina Adams

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“What a delight to find the pair of them bouncy, happy, and healthy upon my return. Thank you so much for looking after them again…and for their new toys!!!  They’re loving it. Happy New Year!”

Frankie & Jessie

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWe’ve been using play time for a few years now. They are always extremely professional and take care of our golden retriever while we are away. It’s nice to know that their team is here to take care of things and we don’t ever have to worry about a thing. A+ service!

-Rick T

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“I am very happy with the notes, and especially your play time with Annie and Buster. I know they were loved, fed, med, and played with more than I could expect. I will keep your number and if you need a reference put me down. Thanks for the love you shared with A & B. YOU ARE WONDERFULL!!”

Annie & Buster

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“Thanks so much for watching my kids. It is nice to not worry about them and they don’t seem to be put out when we are gone!! Thanks for the notes, I always like to hear about what happened while I was gone.”

Debbie J., KC, Pepe, Brody

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI’ve been using Playtime Pet Sitting for over two years now, they do a great job taking care of my cat while I’m away! I always receive pictures and updates with every visit. I highly recommend this team!

-Marie E

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“We love having Susan take care of us. She gives the best tummy rubs and kisses and she makes sure we get extra treats and love. We give her 5 paws up!”

Lilla W.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“Thanks so much. I’m excited knowing that I have someone that I trust to take such great loving care of my four-legged children :). Take care and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“I can’t tell you what it means to me to have someone I know I can trust to take care of my Louie while I’m away. Since he was diagnosed with diabetes I’ve been afraid to leave town. I feel so fortunate to have found you, someone who will give him his insulin injections and who will love him for me. Thank you so very much. Now I can leave town and not feel guilty about it!”

Amy M.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“I wanted to thank you again for looking after Marta, Timmy and Graham whenever we went on vacation and on our busy work days. I never had to worry about them and they really seem to enjoy their time with you. We’re moving to Louisiana. We’ll all miss you and we’ve referred people to you whenever they ask about kenneling their pets. Thanks again for all you do.”

Susan & Khristina

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“Thanks again so much for taking the extra time to come check on the girls. I know it was a busy night for you! It was a relief for me when I wasn’t sure we were even going to make it home last night or not. You did a great job. Thanks for the treats, too. Thanks again for taking on the last minute job.”

Leslie P.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“We are home!! Thank you for everything! We are so grateful to you for everything!! They both seem like they have warmer personalities!! You are great at what you do! My son calls you the Cat Whisperer. Yes, we were very happy that you cared for them!! God Bless You!”

Gabby N.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“We are home after a long weekend with family. Thank you so much for caring for the animals.  We love ALL the notes! I think we will have to start keeping those. 😉 They do love their treat balls and all the butt rubs.  Dillon is doing great. We really appreciate all the play time too.”

Shannan T.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWe love PlayTime Pet Sitters! Everyone who has watched our two dogs truly has a passion for what they do. The dogs are engaged and I can always tell they are happy and well rested from lots of play when we come home. I always look forward to the photo updates. Some of the best pictures I have of the dogs come from the pet sitters!

-Joshua & Christina D

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“We are so happy to be back! Our babies were happy and healthy and glad to see us and much better behaved then I’ve seen them in a while! Must be your influences!!!! Anyway, I love the notes you left. Thank you for loving our puppies because this is one of the few times we’ve been confident that our babies are taken care of and loved. Usually, only when our children watch them do I feel that way. So, we are grateful to you. Again, thank you so very, very much for all the love and attention you provide for our Precious and Lover Boy.”

Kat & Bill W.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI highly recommend Playtime Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers to those looking for top quality pet lovers. I travel for work and when I do I get very nervous because I hate leaving my babies. PlayTime Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers always do a fabulous job of making me not worry by taking awesome good care of my babies (German Shorthaired Pointers). I still worry when I travel but I know they are well taken care of. #WorriedDogMom.

-Scooby & Montana’s Mom

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI had such a wonderful experience with PlayTime Pet Sitters over the Christmas holiday. Kerry was my pet’s primary care taker and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way she cared for my pets and kept me updated with each visit. It eased my mind tremendously to have so much contact with her and receiving photos regularly. We already have plans to use them again!! Thank you so much!!!

-Erin L

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsPlaytime Petsitters is the BEST! I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I love that I can leave my dogs at my own home and know that they will be well taken care of. Susan is always great to deal with and all the sitters have been amazing…some of the cutest pics of my doggos 🙂

-Renae G

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lacey and trekking out in the bad weather. I am so grateful to you for providing Lacey with such great care and spending so much time with her – I get so worried for her. Thank you for giving me piece of mind that she is ok and for saving Lacey from herself!

Laura B.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsBest Pet Sitting in town—I’ve used their services for the last two years.  They are super accommodating for last minute plans as well as weekly ongoing appointments.  When my dog was suffering from allergies, Laurie noticed during a visit and recommended a local dog allergist–was perfect.  These pet sitters love your animals as much as you do and are must have service when you can’t be there!

-Yvonne M

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsPlayTime Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers have been my pet sitter of choice for the last 12+ months. I relocated to CO from Cali and was living in an apt while looking for housing. Sue and team provided my two dogs with mid day breaks and always sent me pics which I requested. The dogs loooove every member of the PlayTime team. Now that I’m settled I’ve continued walks and sleepovers for when I travel. Never have I had any issues. Highly recommend to all.

-Davina G

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWe’ve worked with PlayTime Pet Sitters for several years, and wouldn’t choose anyone else! They are reliable and efficient. I really like that I can request appointments online and maintain a profile with our info so it doesn’t have to be repeated each time we use them. Most importantly – they treat our furry ones great and send daily updates along with pictures!

-Kate C

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsSusan and the entire Playtime Pet Sitting Team has been wonderful! I recently adopted a sweet little pup and, due to my current work schedule, I have a hard time getting home to let him out on certain days. They each took the time to meet him and have been thorough and professional. I would highly recommend this wonderful team to anyone looking for pet care.

-Elise P

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWe have 2 cats, one of which needs heart meds twice a day. PlayTime Pet Sitters have knowledgable, caring sitters that have no problems giving our cat meds and text us wonderful updates so we can see that our babies are in good care. Easy to schedule visits on their website too.

-Jelena T

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsSusan and her team are great! Their initial appointment was very thorough and I’m glad I got to meet the sitters before we left our cats in their care. I also like the ability to book and pay online. Her team takes excellent care of our cats and always sends a text (with photos!) of play/snuggle time.

-Morgan V

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI have used PlayTime Pet sitters for a few years now and they are amazing. They send texts when they visit with a picture of my fur child and a little message. Makes my day and I know my kitty is getting some loving. They even brought her a little toy.

And the best part is I can book everything online and even pay online! Which is super convenient for as busy as I am.

-Brooke G

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsLife is so much easier since I have been using Play Time Pet Sitters.
Susan is great with my cat and always updates me with kitty texts.
My key and all the pertinent information is on file.
When I need to go I just sign up online, leave a check and can go knowing everything is in good hands. Love the freedom!

-Clark D

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI have used this company several times to care for my dog while I’m gone. They are wonderful!! They update you (along with adorable pictures) via text at every visit on how your pet is doing. When you get home there are detailed reports. Setting up your first visit takes a few extra minutes, but the visits after that are a breeze. I highly recommend Playtime pet sitters and dog walkers!!

-Brandi A

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWe’ve used Playtime Pet Sitters for both regular daytime and overnight stays. They’re very caring and awesome about communication. It’s fantastic knowing that your pets are well cared for while you’re not at home.

-Erik B

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsWonderful pet sitters!! They take such great care of my kitties. They text and send pictures daily so I don’t have to worry. My shy kitties love Kerry and Kika!!

-Kasey M

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsVery friendly and helpful service! I love the photos they send and more importantly, the safety plan they establish with you before you go on vacation. I and my fur-baby feel very well taken care of!

-Louis P

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsThese amazing ladies watch my sweet girl Lucy whenever we’re out of town. Their website is a breeze to use and the payment process is easy. They’re professionals who do a wonderful job keeping us informed throughout the visits with texts and pictures. I trust them in my home when we’re not here. Definitely recommend.

-Erin K

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsPlaytime Pets are the BEST!! Reliable and conscientious… and the pets love the sitters!!!

-Sandra H

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsExcellent service!! Started using Playtime shortly after I moved to the Springs to watch my two furry boys (2 cats) when I’m out of town. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I get daily texts and pics on scheduled visit days and the boys are always happy to see their sitters! The sitters also leave notes about each visit and are often the same so you can really develop a relationship with the people caring for your fur babies while you are away. Truly amazing service! And the cost is incredibly reasonable. Will be sticking with Playtime for sure!!!

-Kristin M

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsPlaytime Pet Sitters and Walkers are amazing! They are kind and courteous to us and our pets. Our pups are always happy and taken care of when the sitter arrives. They are flexible and cost efficient! Our two main Sitters Deb and Danielle do an extraordinary job with out honory pups! Always understanding of our needs and timely even if I forget a booking…super great right?! We love you Playtime Pet Sitters !!

-Candy G, Ronin, and Gypsy

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI have been using PlayTime Pet Sitters for many years now and just love their service! For quick trips or longer ones, I know my fur babies will be loved on and well taken care of!

-Leigh F

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsI’ve used Playtime Petsitters for several years and they are fantastic. My previous petsitter highly recommended them when she retired. They take great care of my cats (and plants) and are extremely reliable. It’s great knowing my pets will be well taken care of while I travel.

-Andrea H

*Munchkin References-Straight From the Source*

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“Howdy everyone! Sydney Kitty here on behalf of the other Petite Pets-Zach the Mini Poodle and Lexie the Partial Pug. We just wanted to tell you how much we love our pet sitter Susan.  She is the best in Colorado Springs and we’ve been through a few petsitters!  She came over to our house to meet us and wasn’t scared off by Mom’s four-page list of instructions on how to take care of us. She comes by every weekday to play with us (and take my doggie brother and sister potty) because Mom has to work long days sometimes.  We have so much fun with her!  I like her because she loves to brush me and she does it way better than Mom does.

Anyway, we hope your pet parents are smart like our Mom and choose PlayTime Pet Sitters.  That way you can be as happy as we are.”

Jessica, Zach, Sydney, & Lexie

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“PlayTime Pet Sitters takes me to Bear Creek Dog Park twice a week while mom is working long hours. I LOVE IT! I get to run, chase tennis balls, sniff other dogs, and splash in the creek. Susan says it’s good exercise for me since I don’t have a yard. What is ‘exercise’?”


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs“Come rain, snow or shine, I get my walks……truth be known, I prefer shine” ….Conrad speaking of course! Thanks to Susan…Conrad doesn’t have to miss a walk of sniffs and smells because he gets just that 12 months a year because he has the best dog sitter around….Susan, thanks so much for all you do to keep Conrad fit !!! 🙂


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado SpringsHi from Mocha kitty, I look forward to the visits from my Playtime Petsetters when Mom and Dad are out of town. They always come on time and make sure my bowls are full, water is replenished and I also get my meds( Ugh I hate those). They also give me treats , brush my hair which I love and play with me. Thank you for being reliable so my mom & dad don’t have to worry about me. I wish all fur babies had such great pet sitters.