PlayTime Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Recommendations

These are our recommendations for the minimum number of pet sitting and dog walking visits you should schedule for your pets. These are the minimum number of visits you should have to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe while you are away. Of course, we are happy to visit them more frequently. No one ever gets lonely or sick from extra love and attention!

Do you have a pet that takes medication? No problem. We are very experienced in giving pills, injections, and fluids. Pets that require time sensitive medications get top priority on our schedule. And we are one of the few pet sitters in Colorado Springs that does not charge extra for this service!

Whether your pet is on medications or not, we recommend keeping them on their regular schedule as much as possible. Sticking to their routine will make things less stressful for them.

  • Dogs
  • No less than 3 visits per day
  • 1 Cat
  • No less than 1 visit every other day
  • 2 or More Cats
  • No less than 1 visit per day
  • Birds, Rodents, Fish
  • No less than 1 visit per day

Recommendations are based on healthy, well-adjusted (do not experience separation anxiety) pets. We do offer overnight stays for critters with special needs or if you just want to pamper your family. Many customers just feel more comfortable having someone in their home overnight.

Visit Minimums:

-Visit minimums for dogs are based on the assumption that they are relying solely on PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers to go potty (they don’t have a doggie door or use potty pads). When that is the case, we require that dogs get at least 3 visits per day. We don’t ask anyone to hold his or her potty any longer than that. Asking a dog to hold their urine 12 hours at a time can be painful and cause serious health issues.

-If your pups are crated through your visits, we require a minimum of 4 daily visits. We have developed a PlayTime standard of care that we feel respects and values animal and their health, and believe that dogs should be allowed to use the restroom multiple times a day.

-We require an every other day visit for our meow friends, following our PlayTime standard of care. We ensure that your kitty is in perfect health, has enough food and water, has a clean and sanitary litter box, and is getting the attention he/she deserves.