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Structure Therapeutic Massage and Body Work

When you walk into Structure Therapeutic Massage, and meet the owner and founder, Jeanette Falu-Bishop, you will instantly know you are in capable and caring hands. Not only is Jeanette an incredibly talented massage therapist and business owner, she’s also a devoted mom of four (we know, pretty darn amazing!!!)

Best Dog Groomers Colorado Springs

Best Dog Groomers Colorado Springs is a small, locally owned business that offers individualized and cage free grooming sessions, with an emphasis on comfort and professionalism. Whether you have one dog or five, your furry fur babies will have individualized attention, and a calm grooming environment.

Meet Bell the Wonder Pug

Bell the Wonder Pug is an adorable, raven haired pug, that always seems to bring joy everywhere she goes. Bell rescued her human, Susan, many years ago- and they have since become the best of friends. Bell accompanies Susan on many of her important missions (and is usually rewarded with an ice cream cone through thru!). On days where her pug powers aren’t direly needed, Bell catches up on her blog, while enjoying pug rubs on Susan’s lap.

Household Items That Are Poisonous to Your Pets

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center recently released a list of the ten most common poisons that dogs ingest. What is immediately striking about the list is how ordinary each of the poisons is—most of us have these compounds in our homes or garages. The list is a reminder that it is important to keep medications and potentially toxic items locked up or stored safely away from our pets.

Why Do Cats Need Regular Pet Sitting Visits?

Contrary to popular belief, cats ARE social animals. While they may not be greeting you at the door with a wagging tail, they do enjoy the companionship of their human servants (US!) Learn more about how cats benefit from regular cat sitting visits.