Dog Friendly Parks (Fenced, Off Leash)

We interviewed several dogs for this article, and the general consensus was….DOG PARKS IN COLORADO SPRINGS ARE PAWSOME! Fresh air, running free with friends, and so much PLAYTIME…what could be better?


Bear Creek Dog Park

Location: 21st St and Rio Grande, Colorado Springs

Managed By: El Paso County and LOOP (Lovers of Off-leash Parks).

Call: (719)-520-7529

Restrooms: Portable restrooms

Park Size: 25 acres

Type of Park: Fenced

This park encompasses approximately 25 acres and is fenced on all sides. Bear Creek runs along the south side. Dogs may enjoy a drink from the mountain creek or go for splash.

It also has a Small Dog Area that is completely fenced with two double-entry vesitbules to protect small dogs from the larger ones. It is just under two acres and is adjacent to Bear Creek with steps and a handrail leading to the creek.

Bear Creek Dog Park is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the base of Pikes Peak with an elevation change of at least 100 feet going from the north boundary to the south boundary. The terrain provide dogs and their owners a variety of exercise options.

Ammenities in the Bear Creek Dog Park include:

  • 8 bag dispensers and 9 trash cans
  • 3 benches and several log resting places
  • The main trail is three quarters of a mile which makes a loop around the park
  • Several social trails
  • 4 access points into the park
  • 2 double-entry vesitbules into the Small Dog Area
  • Donated ball dispenser
  • Collection point for donated dispenser bags
  • Information kiosk with two sides, one side for the Parks Department and one side for the park users
  • 2 picnic tables
  • New dog house for donated balls

Rampart Dog Park

Location: 8270 Lexington Dr and Union, Colorado Springs, just east of the baseball diamond

Operating Hours: Nov-April 5am -9pm, May to Oct 5am-11pm

Managed By: City of Colorado Springs

Type of Park: Fenced

Other Notes: Water spigots, shade, fenced, benches, trees, parking, disposal bags, water, trash cans. Access for the disabled.

Directions: From the intersection of Lexington Drive and N. Union Boulevard, go north on Lexington, then turn left into the park entrance.

This a large, fully-fenced off-leash dog park. Includes water spigots (so your dog can keep cool), mulch hills and benches for you to sit while your furry friends have fun. This popular park within Rampart Park is large and flat, with fun agility obstacles built into the landscape.


Palmer Park Dog Park


Location: 3650 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs

Managed By: City of Colorado Springs

Call: (719) 385-2489

Type of Park: Fenced

Other Notes:

There is drinking water in the summer but be sure to bring water in the winter for your dog.

A fenced in softball field that has a special entrance. Open one gate, close, then open another gate that actually goes into park. It has bags for pick-ups, and benches for owners. Also has human water fountain with dog bowl fountain on the side. Anywhere from 10-50 dogs running and playing together at one time. There are many different entrances, easiest is go south on Acadamy to Maizeland, take a right, then take a right into the entrance of Palmer Park (about one block), then go about one more block and Dog Park is on your right. Yucca Flats- Hiking area where dogs are allowed off leash if kept under control.


Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park

Location: Canoe Creek and Charmwood, Colorado Springs

Managed By: City of Colorado Springs

Type of Park: Fenced

This is a pretty small park without all the bells and whistles. It’s simply a fenced in area next to a school playground There are no trees or rivers or anything fancy, but it is completely fenced. It is nice for letting your pup off leash to run and run and run – in safety.

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