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6 Signs of Stress in Dogs

dog-lip-lickingLip Licking – When a dog is anxious, she will often quickly stick out her tongue and lick her lips. It’s usually just a fast, little flick. Watch your dog; this is one of the most common sign.

dog-yawningYawning – This is often mistaken for contentment. The dog is surrounded by kids, and she lets out a big yawn. Isn’t that sweet? Nope, it’s a sign that she’s in over her head and would  appreciate your help.

Freezing – Watch out! Dogs typically freeze right before they snap or bite. That may sound obvious, but one of the scariest things I ever saw was when an owner told me, “Lucy loves to have kids hug her. Look how still she is.” Lucy did not bite, but it was a heart stopping.

dog-half-moon-eyeMoving Slowly –Basically the dog is trying to model the behavior she’d like to see. She’s trying to slow down and calm down in the hopes that everyone else will too.