A Parody for Pups
by Nancy Mau

T’was the week before Christmas
Our rescue was brimming
The dogs needed baths
And the tree needed trimming

The calls, they keep coming
As they do every day
Did you know every year
We spend Christmas this way?

Just when we think
Every dog has a place
A new one comes in
And we’re back in the race

There’s no time for carols
Or drinking that ‘nog
Someone calls on the phone
“Can you take one more dog?”

“Sure, what’s one more?
Is he near? Is he far?”
It’s still early; it’s midnight
We jump in our car.

When we get to the home
At the end of our ride
The angel who called us
Invites us inside

“He’s there by the fire
Quite tired, you know?
Were lucky we found him
In all that deep snow”

The sweet little Collie
Gets up and comes near
We wonder sometimes
If they know why we’re here

“You’ll soon have a home”
That’s the promise we keep
“With plenty of food
And a warm place to sleep”

“Where love will surround you
The rest of your days.
So hop in the car
And we’ll be on our way”

Of course “On our way”
Entails more than you know
This is just the first step
For our Dog from the Snow

First a good warm night’s sleep
Then a trip to the vet’s
Sets all of our urchins
Toward being great pets

We test them for heartworm
We look up each nose
We poke them and scope them
Right down to their toes

Then we brush them and bathe them
So coats shine quite bright
All along we assure them
“You’re okay, it’s alright”

“There are people who love you
Who don’t know you yet
They’ll give you your name
You’ll be more than a pet!”

“You’ll be part of a family
That’s waiting for you
So smile for the camera
Yes, that one will do!”

The old ones, the young ones
The smoothies, the roughs
The Shelties, the mixed breeds
They all count on us.

So hug your dog tight
Plant a kiss on her head
Make a wish on a star
As you snuggle in bed

That each dog still out there
Will pass through our doors
To a new life worth living
And love just like yours.

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