Love and Respect
As important as it is to love your pet, it is just as important to respect them—their likes and dislikes, fears, emotions, and intelligence. Respecting your pet involves working hard to get to know them and we take great pride in doing just that. To us, they will always be number one. We treat them as we would like to be treated, in little things such as promptly cleaning out their litter trays (because no one likes to “go” in a dirty environment), to big things such as seeking immediate medical attention should they need it. Love deeply connects us to animals. Respect ensures we love and care for them the right way, without exception.

What All Good Friends Deserve
The munchkins you share your life and your home with aren’t just pets, they are your family and best friends! The love they shower on you is unconditional; their loyalty to you unwavering. They trust you with their lives and look to you for love, protection and, of course, treats, warm laps, and tummy rubs. The bond between you and your friend is one of the strongest relationships in your life. Who else will put up with your mood swings, morning breath, and still want to kiss your face all day long?

At PlayTime Pet Sitters we are dedicated to all things for the love of your pets. That’s why we ask for extensive information about their care and customize their visits specifically to their needs. We firmly believe that tending to an animal’s emotional needs is just as important as tending to their physical needs.

What You Owe Your Pets
(This was originally written for dog owners, but it applies to all animals.)

1. You owe them a chance to survive. Protection from traffic, harmful plants, the weather, etc., is your responsibility.

2. You owe them a cool place in the summer and a warm place in the winter.

3. You owe them enough attention to keep them from going insane with boredom.

4. You owe them more than food and water—you owe them some time.

5. You owe them enough education to help them cope with any problems they’ll be confronted with since you became their owner.

6. You owe them enough respect not to ask them to jog on the pavement when it’s hot enough to keep you from going barefoot, or to wait in a hot car while you shop in an air-conditioned store.

7. You owe them the time it takes to teach them how to get into and out of the pool so they won’t fall in and drown when you’re not around.

8. You need to treat them as though they are living, breathing creatures with feelings, not just status symbols or toys that you respond to only when you’re bored or that you discard when they become an inconvenience as a result of your neglect.

9. You owe them all the basic things in life that you yourself expect, because they’re not capable of acquiring these things on their own. They can’t pick their owners.

10. You owe them a second or third or fourth chance when they make a mistake that you could have prevented with a little attention and effort.

11. You owe them a life that’s more than eating, sleeping, waiting to go to the bathroom, and waiting for the next boring, empty day.

If you’re not willing to do what it takes to be a responsible, caring pet owner and a good friend, don’t get a dog! It’s better to not be a pet owner than to ruin an animal’s life on a whim.