Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

10 Year Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients

PlayTime Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers are so proud to have been providing 5 Star Pet Sitting services for OVER 10 years (over 20 to be exact!) That’s a whole lot of dog walking, belly rubs and chin scratches! Our company is built upon the trust and loyalty of our clients, some of whom have using our pet sitting and dog walking services for years….even decades!

We built our Anniversary Clients Pages as a way to honor those who have trusted us through the decades. We also threw in a few free belly rubs (for the four legged clients, of course!)

Princess P & The Crew of Boston Terriers

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“Our family has been part of PlayTime for over 10 years. I am very happy with the services that PlayTime Pet Sitters provide and have provided for me and my pets. When I was first looking for a pet sitter, PlayTime was recommended to me by another pet sitter who was not comfortable sitting my large, enthusiastic and undisciplined Boston Terrier, Boomer. (I also had three other Boston Terriers-You can say they are my passion!)

Over the years, PlayTime Pet Sitters have handled many things that are out of the “ordinary” scope of pet sitting and dog walking. They have been experts at administering various types of medications that my dogs have been on and determined when my dogs needed veterinary care in my absence (and handled all the transportation/vet interfacing), for instance. PlayTime also happily lets my dogs sleep with them on overnights, as they sleep with me when I am at home.

I keep utilizing PlayTime Pet Sitters because I trust PlayTime to take care of my dogs, and I love that they keep me updated with texts and pictures. I can trust all the PlayTime Pet Sitters with my beloved fur kids, and I can rest easy (and stress free!) when traveling out of town. My pups LOVE all the attention too! The peace of mind that my dogs are loved completely when I’m not there is worth every penny to me! I have recently added daily dog walking during the week when I have to be at work, and it’s great to know my Princess is getting attention and exercise, even though I can’t make it home at lunch time.

Princess would like to add how much she loves to be treated like a princess by Linda, Susan, Danielle, Sara, and all the other PlayTime sitters who have taken care of her. She knows that when I go away, she gets to have even more Play Time with PlayTime Pet Sitters!”

Chance, Otis and Spot H

pet sitters colorado springs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“When we started our search for cat and dog sitters, PlayTime seemed to be the most professional, well experienced, and they were insured and bonded-that was a huge plus for us! Susan and a few of her team members came over to met us, and they all seemed very nice and got along well with our pets.

Over the years, we have been very impressed by their services. Our German Shepherd is very high energy, and PlayTime makes sure he gets the exercise he needs. Our pets LOVE their sitters (I mean, c’mon, they come equipped with treats and belly rubs!). PlayTime is the only pet sitting service I will recommend to my friends- professional, experienced, and trustworthy.”

Kyra, Oscar & Sydney A

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“We first decided to use PlayTime when we saw the cool SUV with the graphic wrap on it. We decided to give it a try! We met Susan at our Meet Your Sitter visit, and she seemed like a person who loved animals and would take good care of mine. We initially just needed someone to take care of our dog walks at the time, but we soon began to rely on Susan and her team for consistent care. We have been impressed with their quality, consistent performance. Pretty sure my four legged family says “YAY!” every time PlayTime visits”

Layla R

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“A retiring pet sitter recommended PlayTime to us when we were looking for cat sitters for our precious meows. We could tell on our initial meet, that the team was timely, paid very good attention to detail, and were very fond of our kitty! They had a special way of dealing with Layla’s reticence-which is no small feat! We have continued to use them throughout the years, because what can we say? They are very good pet sitters!

If Layla could turn her meows into words, she would tell her sitters “Stay Away, but I appreciate the clean box, clean water and good food!”