Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers are so proud to have been providing 5 Star Pet Sitting and dog walking services for OVER 10 years (over 20 to be exact!) That’s a whole lot of belly rubs and chin scratches! Our company is built upon the trust and loyalty of our clients, some of whom have using our pet sitting services for years….even decades!

We built our Anniversary Clients Pages as a way to honor those who have trusted us through the decades. We also threw in a few free belly rubs (for the four legged clients, of course!)

Fortune & Damon G

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“We didn’t even know about pet sitting back in 1997! We kept seeing the colorful PlayTime Jeep at our neighbor’s house a few doors down, and inquired to them about what services PlayTime provided. The neighbors explained to us what pet sitting was, and said they were very happy with the service so we gave them (PlayTime) a call.

I honestly think Susan melted a little bit when she met Fortune. Let’s say it was a mutual love affair! Fortune took to her right away, and Greyhounds are known to be very sensitive dogs. I trusted Fortune’s judgement (he even performed a sniff test-a real professional!) Later, when Damon (Greyhound rescued off a race track) joined our family, he needed a gentle and thoughtful approach. Susan was a big help acclimating him to his new “civilian (home)” life. The mid-day walks were a life saver for trust building, and provided exercise that is so important to their overall well being.

PlayTime to us is family. We can’t believe that we have been lucky enough to have had the same sitter for over 20 years. When you find a real life dog whisperer, you keep them around! PlayTime cares about our whole family, and respects our home as well. The came in one day for a routine walk and discovered that a pipe had burst on the 2nd floor. Water was pouring down the walls in 3 rooms! They shut off the main valve, called us immediately, and even stayed at the house until the plumbers could arrive. They also kept the pups out of the mess. It doesn’t get more first rate than that!”

Winston B & Family

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“I started my search for pet sitters over 20 years ago. Back then, most people hadn’t heard of pet sitting! I just knew I needed someone I could trust to watch my babies while I was working long days. When I met Susan, I could tell- She was obviously a good animal person. Yorkies can be a little stubborn sometimes, but she was incredibly patient with them.

We used PlayTime to provide middle of the day walks while we were at work. After the first visit, I knew I had found a team that respected animals, and held the services they provide to a very high standard.  Carson, more so than Winston, has quite the personality. We can read him because we have lived with him a long time, and we know all the tricks. We didn’t expect someone else to be able to do it! Carson and Winston adore Susan, and that’s the best compliment we can give. I can relax- I know I can always count on them to be there, and to provide the same level of love and respect they are used to from us.”

Samantha S

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Colorado Springs

“I found PlayTime through one of my friends, who told me the sitters had bird care experience and were kind to their animals. I was pretty surprised at our initial meeting, that Susan got right on the floor with me and Samantha to say hello and let Sam inspect her. It was nice to see that she really cared about Sam being comfortable with her. That kind of respect is few and far between.

Once we started using Susan, we knew we had made the right choice. Sam needs her time outside of her cage, but she tends to bite if you look at her the wrong way. They are very patient, quiet, and respectful of her. She has a blast now, walking around the floor and playing with toys with them. The team is beyond professional and organized, and they have back up plans for emergencies. I know I can trust them, and that’s such a relief. I’m forever part of the PlayTime family- Sam wouldn’t have it any other way!