Benny & Barney G

“Over 15 years ago, I saw PlayTime’s cute little VW bug driving around, and decided to give them a buzz. After our first meeting, I couldn’t believe what a great idea this was and how professional they were. I am a physician’s assistant, so I’m detail oriented and picky. These folks had it all covered. They asked for 4 pages of detailed care instructions. I was impressed. 

Why have I stayed with PlayTime for so long? Let’s see…Barney, my big black lab, made it to 18 yrs. old. The last years of his life were rough. He was constantly losing control of his bowels. PlayTime never complained about the clean-up. He started to lose strength in his back legs, but still wanted and needed to go for walks. His sitter had him out for a walk one afternoon when he went down and couldn’t get back up. He was much too large to be picked up. Susan knocked on several neighbor’s doors until she had rounded up enough people to lift him. One of the neighbors offered use of his pickup to get Barney to the vet. 

On a happier note, I adopted an Aussie named Benny. When I would leave town on extended trips Susan would spend the nights (slumber party with him). They would have pizza/movie nights and dance parties. She would rent a movie and share tiny bites of pizza crust with him. Dance parties consisted of Benny standing up on the couch, put his front paws on her shoulders, and they dance. So cute. That is someone who loves what she does, it’s not just a job for her. Pretty sure Benny would say- Mom, get outta town, Susan and I want to dance!

My overall experience with PlayTime can be summed up in a few words..Genuine animal people. Those are harder to find than you would think. I never have to worry when they are with my family. I ALWAYS know they will do what’s best for my pups, no matter what.”

Dash, Petunia, Cleo & Herbie

“I found PlayTime Pet Sitters through a recommendation from my veterinarian. I adopt rescued lab ferrets through my vet, who also happened to be Susan’s vet. She thought PlayTime had the gentle touch my little guys would appreciate. I really liked Susan when we first met, and Dash and Petunia loved her right away….That was unusual for them back then, being recent lab rescues. They were chasing each other (Susan and the ferrets) around the living room in no time. Yes, it was quite the sight! 🙂 Later, as Cleo and Herbie joined the family, they all gave PlayTime a 4 Paws Up!

As you can see in our photos, everyone in the house (except Herbie) must have bathtub time. PlayTime makes sure everyone gets a little splash time. This is something I never dreamed a pet sitter would do (and be excited to do, too!). If our pets could talk, they would say “Hurry up and turn on the faucet!.” PlayTime makes sure all of their needs (aquatic and on dry land) are met.

I could give you a long list of things we appreciate about PlayTime, but this story will sum it up best: 

We let our ferrets have run of the house for periods of time. They need the freedom and exercise. But they are smart and tiny and fit in to almost any space. I let the kids out then got distracted with chores. An hour later I couldn’t find them anywhere. I searched for an hour. Panicking, I called Susan to see if she would come over to help me search. It was midnight! We found them in a closet. That was not the last time I called Susan for ferret rescue searches. How can I not rehire someone who cares that much about the safety and happiness of my furry family? They are professional, always have the pet’s best interest at heart, organized, and prepared.”

Libby, Hercules & Sofia W

” The kennel I used to use recommended PlayTime to us many years ago. Libby started a medicine regimen that the kennel didn’t feel comfortable administering. They said PlayTime was great at that sort of thing. They were right! Our meet and greet went exceptionally well, I was impressed that they immediately sat down on the floor with the pets, got on their level, and started petting and scratching them. The respect they have for animals was immediately obvious. I was relieved to find someone who was a genuine animal person. It was just Susan in the early years. But everyone she has added to her team over the years has been the same type of authentic and experienced animal care people.

PlayTime is not only a pet sitting company, they are family. Libby stayed healthy enough to enjoy life for quite a few years, despite her medical condition. PlayTime did a great job of keeping her on her meds when we traveled. Sadly, Libby took a turn for the worse while we were out of the country. PlayTime (it took 2 sitters) immediately rushed her to the vet. After a conversation with Susan and the vet, the difficult decision was made to release her from her pain. PlayTime could have just walked away, leaving the vet to take over, but they didn’t. They stayed with Libby every minute to the very end. They told her that we all loved her so much. She didn’t die alone. She went with her head in Susan’s lap. We are forever grateful that. If our pets could talk, they would say thank you for being my friend and for loving me so much. 

It’s rare to find really good people that you can trust in the service industry, especially in the care industry. I’ve never considered looking for someone else, since I found these folks. They are Exceptional. When we are away we don’t worry about our fur kids, because we know they are being taken care of.  We come home to find great notes from PlayTime about each visit and what the pets  were up to.  Last time we were gone I emailed Susan to ask how the cats were doing and I received a quick response and she even sent me pictures!  Our animals are part of our family so it’s hard to leave them at all, but knowing that PlayTime Pet Sitters is there makes it a whole lot easier!”

Rosie, Susue & Molly M

“I’m pretty particular. I interviewed 3 services and was most impressed with PlayTime. They had all of their ducks in a row, thorough paperwork, back up staff, emergency plans, etc. When we met, I couldn’t believe they got down on the floor with Suzie. I offered chairs, but they wanted to be where Suzie could get to them. She gave them a good sniff inspection and approved. So did I.

They always gave good care, above and beyond what I expected more than once. Sadly, Rosie and Suzie (a couple of years apart) both became fatally ill while I was away. They both had heart conditions. Both times PlayTime rushed them to the overnight emergency vet on Powers Blvd. Both times Susan stayed with them to the end. They went in her lap, hopefully feeling safe and loved. She made arrangements for their ashes to be delivered as well. I have a great deal of respect for PlayTime’s sitters. It must be hard to fall in love with so many animals, then have to help some of them over the rainbow bridge. They do it because it is what the animal needs and deserves, no matter how much it hurts to do so.

I also had one love bird left when they started working for me. The birds had been my wife’s, who had passed recently. They educated me about LB’s (lovebirds) needing companions. They help me find her a good home with other birds.

This isn’t just a job for these folks. They genuinely care about animals. They helped me keep my promise to my wife, that her babies would always have the very best of care. Molly, my new pup, gets the deluxe pampering that Susie and Rosie received.”

Tangerine, Herbie & Shadow C

“Over 15 years ago?? Time really does fly. When I first began looking for pet sitters and dog walkers, PlayTime seemed a lot more professional than the other companies I interviewed. When we conducted our interview, they were so professional and organized.  They addressed most of my questions before I could ask them! Herbie, who had been blind since birth, took to his sitters right away. Over the years as new cats joined our family, they all seemed very comfortable with their sitters.

PlayTime has impressed us in so many ways. Over the years, Shadow developed diabetes. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to give him his injections. Susan came over a few times to teach me how to do it. It was such a relief. And I was still able to travel because all of the sitters were qualified to give injections while I was away. I honestly never even considered trying any other pet sitting company since. I can trust PlayTime, and I know they truly care about all of the cats I’ve had over the years.

What would my cats say to their sitters? Thank you for always playing the ribbon game with us! What would I say about PlayTime Pet Sitters? I couldn’t ask for better care and service all of these years. To have absolute trust in these people to care for my family and my home is priceless. I never have to worry a about a  thing when I’m away. It’s priceless.”