Start the New Year Right

There are a ton of fabulous ideas for New Year’s resolutions that concern your pets. We’ve handpicked these as our top five because if we were furry, feathered, shelled or scaly, it would be what we’d want.

Start a pet fund

Setting up a dedicated savings fund for your pet will go a long way to relieving financial stress when it comes to those all-important vet visits. Treatment costs grow as your pet grows. A pet fund will ensure they receive the care they need, when they need it, without fail.

Update their tags

Over the years information changes, addresses and phone numbers in particular. It’s a terrible thing to lose a pet but updating their tags will help ensure they are returned to you much quicker.


Prioritise their health

That means making sure they eat the right food, in quality and quantity. Take them to the vet at least once a year to keep them in great shape and be an attentive pet parent—don’t miss or ignore unusual symptoms. Start a medical log so you know what vaccinations they’ve had and when they need their next ones. Ask your vet questions about anything you are unsure of or don’t understand.


Try something new

Teach your dog a new trick or help them overcome something they’ve been struggling with, like anxiety on car rides or a fear of thunder. Take time to discover what your cat really loves—a new food or grooming tool—or spend the year training them to walk on a leash or use the toilet. Try new activities, or do your best to give your birds, lizards, snakes and other confined pets a welcome change of scenery.



Make time to play

It sounds obvious but the reality of doing so as part of our busy modern lifestyle can be challenging. Having fun with your pet must be intentional. Engage them with their favourite toys, take them out to open spaces or set aside half an hour to run around with a length of ribbon. It’s a very simple and effective way to bond with your pet and give them the crucial exercise and stimulation they need.

Sources: PetMD/Huffington Post

Image: Pexels

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