Customized Care

With customized visits, you choose when we arrive, how long we stay for, and the chores we do while there. All visits include complimentary premium tummy rubs, scratches, a warm lap for cuddling, toys and treats. Whatever makes your munchkins happy! If you want something that isn’t on the menu, just ask. We will accommodate all your pet’s needs. After all, spoiling pets (and their parents) is what we do best.

*We reserve 15 minutes exclusively for one pet, to ensure that complete and focused care is given.

*Any visit over 15 minutes includes up to 3 pets, tanks, cages, small potted plants, bringing in the mail and taking out the garbage.

Meet Your Pet Sitters 
Free Initial Consultation

As part of our meet and greet, we’ll spend time thoroughly going over your care instructions to make sure we understand exactly what you want done. Keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe is our sole priority. This visit also allows your pets to get to know us.

We kindly ask that you supply 3 keys at this point as up to three pet sitters could be caring for your munchkin(s). Not doing so will incur a $25 per key pickup fee.

Mini Visit $17
15 Minutes

Fresh food, water, and treats
Potty break/scoop litter pans
Medications given
Bring in mail/newspaper
Written details of our visits

I’m So Lucky To Have A Pet Sitter! $22
30 Minutes

Fresh food, water, and treats
Potty break/scoop litter pans
Medications given
Clean up accidents and “gifts”
Limited grooming
Bring in mail, newspapers, and packages
Rotate lights
Written details of our visits and texts with photos
Special requests

Wow, My Humans Luv Me SO Much! $27
45 Minutes

Includes all services offered with the 30-minute visit. 50% more of the same wonderful care for just $5 extra.

Woohoo, My Humans Are Rock Stars! $32
60 Minutes

Includes all services offered with the 30-minute visit. A full hour of all the fun, love and playtime your pets can handle.

Slumber Party $73
Overnight stays, yay! No sleeping alone

Do your pets hate being alone when it’s dark outside? Do they sleep better when they have someone to cuddle with at night? Do they need to go potty every few hours? We would love to care for them throughout the night. Slumber parties include all services offered with 30-minute visits.

Doggie Park Field Trip  from $37
Happiness is running free with your ears flapping in the wind!

All dogs need free time to run around, sniff, explore, and socialize with other dogs and people. PlayTime field trips are only to parks with secure, fenced-in areas.

1hr: $37

1.5hrs: $47

2hrs: $57

Pet Taxi $40
Pick ups and drop offs for any occasion

Does your munchkin have a hot playdate? Do they need to visit the vet or groomer? We are happy to chauffeur them around. Price is per hour and includes mileage.

Whole Yard Poop Scooping $22
So you don’t have to!

Deal with crap all day at work and dread dealing with it when you get home? No problem! We don’t charge by the dog or by the pound. This price covers everything we can pick up in 30 minutes!

Save $5 when you add a whole yard poop scooping to any pet sitting or dog walking service.

In-home Potty Training Session $25
We’ll get them to do it outside!

Potty training is pretty easy, actually. The key is learning to think like a dog. We’ll happily demonstrate how. This personalized service includes free, unlimited phone and email support

Dog Training $25
Behavior Evaluation

Has life with your canine best friend hit a rocky patch? We can help identify the problem, develop management and training plans, and put your relationship on the road to recovery! Behavior evaluation requires just an hour visit. We’ll discuss the issues and take initial steps to help you address problem behaviors.

Dog Training – Positive Reinforcement $40
Behavior Modification

Behavior modification programs are tailored to your individual needs and situation. Our approach to basic obedience, manners, tricks, and games is enjoyable, effective, and geared to build and maintain a fun, respectful relationship with your adult dog or puppy. We also offer safe, smart, and gentle socialization to new people, animals, and environments to prevent fear-based reactions and behaviors. Each session lasts approximately an hour, and includes written follow-up summaries and a homework checklist.

Plant Care – Indoor & Outdoor $2+
Plants need love too, or at least some water

This includes both indoor and outdoor plants. If you just have a few indoor plants, put them by the kitchen sink and we will water them for free.

Home Check $17
We’ll keep an eye on things

Taking your munchkin with you but would like your home checked, or your mail and packages brought in so people can’t tell you’re away? We are happy to help!

Key Pick Up and Drop Off $17
First pick up and drop off is free

Most customers ask us to keep a copy of their house key on file. This is particularly helpful in emergencies. However, if you prefer to have us pick up and drop off your keys each time we visit, we are happy to do that.

Holidays $10 additional
We work hard so you can play hard!

We are available 365 days a year and like to compensate our team for working major holidays while everyone else is out having fun and spending time with their families. The following holidays incur an additional charge of $10 per visit: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.

Short Notice Requests  from $5 additional
Last minute peace of mind

We understand that plans can suddenly change, and when they do, we will always be here to care for your pets even at short notice.

Less than 24hrs notice: $10 per visit within 24hrs

Less than 48hrs notice: $5 per visit within 48hrs

Combine and save more

Rescue Family: If most of your animals are rescues, you receive a 5% discount off the total price of all visits over 15 minutes, poop scooping, field trips and overnight stays. This is our way of saying thank you for adopting, not shopping.

Regular Midday Visits: When you regularly sign up for three or more visits a week, you receive a 5% discount off the total price of your service.

Referral Bonus: Every time you recommend us to someone and they become a client, you receive a $15 credit towards your next pet sit or dog walk.

Holidays: Additional $10 per visit
Last Minute: Additional $5 to $10 charge
Late Payment: $10
Late Cancellations: Cancellations made during non-major holidays will incur the cost of all services booked within 48 hours of cancelling. Cancellations during major holidays made with less than a week’s notice will incur the entire cost of booked services. All bookings made during major holidays require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Pets Are More Comfortable In Their Own Home!